Welcome to Welland Valley Rail   Click to listen highlighted text! Welcome to Welland Valley Rail

Above image “23241 Duplex Pantograph” by penske666 is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

It’s another step forward in the process of bringing the new overhead wires that now run all the way to Corby into service, so that those trains can be greener and quieter.

Mr Deltic15 – YouTube

12:30 into the video to see the pan going up.

…and yes it’s an electric train with a diesel locomotive tacked on the front and back of it, just for testing purposes, because one of the earlier bits of testing is to run the train under the wire with the pan up (but wires switched off) to test the mechanical side of things.

Our proposed trains would charge their batteries from these new wires while running between Kettering & Corby – giving them enough range to get all the way to Peterborough under electric power.

That and the test train lives in a bit of the country with out wires…… When is the rest of the Midland Main Line going to be electrified ?


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