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Image of new electric class 230 train travelling through green open countryside. Class 230s are converted from old tube trains so have a more curved outer bodyshell than more conventional rolling stock.
© FraserPithie 2020 – thanks to Fraser for permission to use this photo.

New technology means that clean battery powered electric trains can run the length of the route without electrifying the entire line.

They can charge up while under the ‘wires’ and use their batteries in the gaps.

There are an increasing range of battery trains available, one example that is made in the Midlands are Vivarail class 230 trains. These are even greener by being rebuilt Tube trains with completely new interiors.

interior of class 230 train showing new interior with high contrast grab rails, door controls, passenger information announcement screens and walk-through space between carriages. Outlines of passengers using the train.

They have all the features you expect in a new train, from passenger information displays to WIFI & USB sockets.

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