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Map of area within 50 miles overlaid with circles proportional to population size to show size and distribution of local population centres, with directly connected and connected via interchange centres differentiated by colour. An approximately northern arc of towns are directly connected comprising: Kettering population 67k, Corby 55k, Stamford 20k, Peterborough 202k, Whittlesey 16k, March 22k, Wisbech 34k. Total population 416k Connected by one interchange are Oakham 11k, Melton Mobray 23k, Wellingborough & surrounds 98k, Bedford 107k (although from bedford east west rail to Peterborough may be more attractive), and finally Luton 211k. Total population excluding Bedford 759k.

Our sizeable communities are currently cut off from each other by rail, giving us no other choice than to use the car to get around the local area in a reasonable time. The line would directly connect over 400 THOUSAND people, with a total of 3/4 of a million being one interchange away.

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